Moisture Causes Extensive Water Damage To Homes Across Arkansas

By Dan Fields

Air humidifiers can sometimes create significant problems when the elevation of moisture exceeds beneficial levels. Humidity can come from other sources, and larger volumes of water can spill over from mishaps involving dishwashers, washing machines, and bathroom basins. Any amount of water can become hazardous to your home very quickly.

Homes in Arkansas are not designed to sustain water damage. When water or excess moisture affects a part of your home, quick action can save your family from unnecessary repair costs. Damage from water shows up in different ways within a home. The appearance of one type of water damage in one location does not preclude the presence of additional damage in another form in other sections of the same home. These different areas may become saturated with water from multiple sources, and at different times.

Water damage comes in several formats. While some are more destructive than others, evidence of any can indicate additional problems in the future if left unattended. Here are two common situations and how professional restoration experts resolve them for families.

Highly unsightly staining of walls and ceilings. When moisture slowly seeps into porous drywall or sheetrock, the exterior surface, even when painted, can become discolored over time. Ceilings under a leaky roof are prime areas for this. Professional recommendations include testing for current humidity levels in the area surrounding the affected ceiling and prevention of future moisture build-up. Depending on the state of the ceiling’s structure internally, restoration can involve an application of an antimicrobial agent followed by repainting to complete replacement of the ceiling.

Warping and curling of wood and millwork. Highly detrimental to the condition of any grade wood, water can leave beautiful floors dull and dirty looking, or worse. Cabinets, entry doors, and window frames can become difficult to close or open as their dimensions swell in size. Installing a dehumidifier and ensuring that no leaks exist within the home is only the beginning for this type of problem. Resizing cabinetry, and extracting all excess moisture from swollen woodwork can help alleviate the situation.

Regardless of how intensive or minor your residence’s water damage situation has become, professional water damage restoration experts can help. Protecting your home after restoration is complete is also an important point that merits consideration.


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